Long Rectangle 4 Stand Dining Table

Long Rectangle 4 Stand Dining Table

Dimensions: 279.4×106.68×76.2 cm

Material: A Timeless Blend of Style and Comfort in luxurious acacia wood, epoxy, and iron.

Design:  with 4 premium legs.

Note: Colour may vary because of camera flash & different mobile screens.

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the table seamlessly blends modern design with enduring craftsmanship. The glossy epoxy coating not only enhances its visual appeal but also provides a smooth and resilient surface, making it easy to maintain. The sturdy construction ensures stability, making it a reliable foundation for intimate dinners or festive gatherings. Our Epoxy Dining Table is a statement piece that transcends mere functionality, inviting you to indulge in the intersection of form and artistry. Elevate your dining space with this contemporary masterpiece, where style meets durability in perfect harmony.


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