Wooden Bedside With 3 Rattan Drawers

Wooden Bedside With 3 Rattan Drawers

Dimensions: 35.56×35.56×66.04 cm.

Material: A Timeless Blend of Style and Comfort in luxurious acacia, mango, Sheesham, oak, and cane.

Design: The storage cabinet features a modern design, blending form and utility seamlessly.

Note: Colour may vary because of camera flash & different mobile screens.

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Introducing our exquisite bedside cabinet—a finely crafted piece of furniture that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic elegance, enhancing the intimate space of your bedroom. Meticulously designed and constructed, this bedside cabinet serves as a versatile companion, offering both practical storage solutions and a touch of refined sophistication to your nightly retreat. Crafted from premium materials, the bedside cabinet is a testament to superior craftsmanship. The choice of wood, carefully selected for its grain pattern and durability, imparts a warm and inviting ambiance to your bedside. Whether you opt for a sleek, modern finish or a more traditional wood tone, the cabinet becomes a timeless addition that harmonizes seamlessly with your bedroom decor.


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