Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

Dimensions: 149.86×40.64×86.36 (in cm)

Material: A Timeless Blend of Style and Comfort in luxurious acacia, mango, Sheesham, and oak.

Design: The storage cabinet features a modern design, blending form and utility seamlessly.

Note: Colour may vary because of camera flash & different mobile screens.

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Contemplate the cabinet as a vessel for self-expression through thematic displays. Imagine it transformed seasonally with vibrant decorations during holidays or adorned with botanical elements to celebrate the arrival of spring. The cabinet becomes a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to infuse your living space with a sense of seasonality and joy. Consider the role of the cabinet in facilitating a sense of order and tranquility. Picture it as the anchor of an organized home office, providing designated spaces for files, stationery, and technology. The cabinet becomes a sanctuary of productivity, promoting a serene work environment where focus and creativity flourish.


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